Our vision: to create, develop and leverage technology as an integral part of our life through our commitment to be recognized as a company of leaders and innovators.
Our goal is to create value for those who interact with our organization.

Founded in 2005 , H Limited is a consulting company with presence in areas such as Information Systems, Science and Technology and a reference in the world of Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Industry, Pharmaceuticals and Energy.

Focused on innovation, H Limited is oriented towards creating real value to the customers and consultants.

With projects spread over 4 continents, it has the capacity to act globally and locally at the same time, using its vast experience and deep technical, functional and business know-how, guaranteeing therefore an excellent response to the most demanding of challenges.



Focus on what you do best, we provide the rest.
Projects tailored to each client.

Our multi-disciplinary team of seasoned IT professionals and software engineers create tailor-made solutions that provide relevant information to decision makers in the most suitable way. We apply state-of-the-art techniques and use latest tools and technology. Performance, security and intuitive data visualization are key to successful projects. At the same time, we are looking for the most optimal approach to balance costs and benefits of different technological and functional options.
Whether through custom-made software development, third-party software package integration or by implementing a H Limited product, our deliverables are always custom-built to provide you with a perfect fit and the results you need.

We provide highly qualified IT Experts for your business.

Outsourcing of specialized IT professionals provides you flexibility and the right expertise whenever and wherever it is needed.
Our highly accurate and continuous recruitment & selection processes guarantee the identification of the best consultants available at any moment.
We focus on the right balance between technical expertise and emotional intelligence because we strongly believe that it is people’s attitude and traits of character that make the difference in successful collaboration.
Once a project is assigned, we provide continuous support throughout the whole outsourcing mission. Performance analysis, periodic evaluation, motivation checks and career management are just a few examples of those support activities.

Software development outsourcing – a critical path to the success of many IT departments.

Due to time, cultural and geographical proximity, H Limited is able to provide nearshore software development at very competitive Total Cost of Engagement. We focus on a solution-oriented approach, quick-win solutions and long-term partnerships with our clients.
Our standardized quality assurance processes and agile project management methodologies ensure a successful project execution and guarantee customer satisfaction.
Depending on the specific requirements of each service (software & product development, software cloud enablement, application modernization or nearshore Outsourcing), we provide on-site, remote or mixed development teams. A technical project manager on site assures a very close customer care and immediate support at any time.



Active Online Support

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